Rainbow Heart Wreath

We just love our rainbow hearts wreath making kit!  As not only does it form one large rainbow heart altogether, it is also made up of 21 small hearts, sending love to so many others.


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During 2020 we have seen an array of beautiful rainbows, in our windows, homes and streets.

We just love our heart shaped wreath kit because its full of colour and brightens up a rainy day for sure!  Not only does it form one large rainbow heart altogether, but it is also made up of 21 small hearts.

There’s no doubt your little ones will love to create this brightly coloured wreath for themselves.

So why not also add a photo or a drawing into the centre to personalise your wreath too…



  • Card blank heart shaped wreath
  • A piece of ribbon
  • Red card hearts x 3
  • Orange card hearts x 3
  • Yellow card hearts x 3
  • Green card hearts x 3
  • Blue card hearts x 3
  • Indigo card hearts x 3
  • Violet card hearts x 3
  • Selection of rainbow heart stickers
  • Mini glue stick


Dimensions: card wreaths 22.5cm x 22.5cm

Recommended Age 3+ with adult supervision encouraged

RDP kit difficulty level 2 = Straight Forward


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